Acupuncture + Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are a relaxing, painless alternative for treating:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders

  • Nervous System disorders

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Pain Syndromes: headaches (all types), neuropathy, idiopathic

  • Pathogenic disorders: Herpes Zoster, Influenza types, Common Colds, Hives, Rashes

  • Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Grief and Fear-related imbalances 

  • Gynecological problems

  • Allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems

  • Gastrointestinal issues: IBS, Crohn's, Allergies/Intolerances 

  • Side effects of Chemotherapy and Interferon Therapy

*A list of common conditions shown to benefit from the application of Oriental Medicine by the National Institutes of Health, as compiled by


Shakuju therapy is a form of popular non-insertive acupuncture and moxa treatment based on ancient Chinese acupuncture. The theory was developed in Japan by a leading acupuncturist (Dr. Kobayashi) and translated into its English name "Acupuncture Core Therapy".


"Shaku" refers to a deep blockage of the life force energy and blood, where as "Ju" refers to superficial blockages of the life force energy and blood. One goal of Shakuju therapy is to remove all blood and life force energy blockages using effective points, the idea being to treat the root of illness rather than treating the manifestation of illness.


Moreover, Shakuju therapy treats the inherited life force energy from our parents which is a more fundamental level of life force energy in humans. The major area of treatment is the backside of the body. At the early stage of development, the kidneys which are a root of life in terms of Eastern medicine, have direct correspondence to the back of the body through which run life force energy pathway points. 


In Japanese acupuncture the abdominal diagnosis is essential to determine the pattern of imbalance of the patient. In Shakuju therapy the focus is on the abdominal diagnosis as well. It is believed that the abdomen is the core of human body and  illness appears in the abdomen as corresponding points which can be determined by abdominal palpation.


Acupuncture helps to stimulate the body's natural processes of cell reproduction and growth. Throughout the treatment series, you may notice other physical symptoms improve. It can address hormonal balance, it may delay the graying of hair and hair loss associated with aging. You may notice you have a better quality of sleep and increased energy. It will improve your digestion and metabolism and strengthen your immune system.


We offer the highest quality, Good Manufacturing Process, Chinese Herbals which are rigorously tested for contaminants from harvest throughout processing to packaging. 


We prescribe Bulk (Raw) Herbs, tinctures, granulars (or powders) and capsules for ease of administration no matter how busy your lifestyle. 


Brands which we favor are Kan Herbs, Golden Flower Herbs, Spring Wind Herbs, Evergreen Herbs and KPC Raw Herbs.

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